Vendo Salão de Beleza Zona Sul SP

R$ 170.000,00
Seeing beauty salon in the district of Interlagos in the south of São Paulo, great location with 9 parking spaces. The salon has been operating at this same point for over 15 years. Many fixed customers, marketing disclosure for Instagram and Facebook.
full team
6 workstations
4 washbasins with hot water
10 customer seats
10 manicure carts
2 air conditioning in the main hall
1 air-conditioned hair removal room
1 beauty room with air conditioning
1 guest bathroom
Space for the bride with a whirlpool bath
Space for application of a permanent brush with natural ventilation
1 storage room / office / equipment sterilization / cafeteria
Apart from the products, 2 computers with beutyhair scheduling and controls system, 1 autoclaves and so on.
Today it works with 2 hairdressers, 5 manicures, 1 epilator, 1 beautician as professionals and a registered assistant.
Annual Billing R$480,000.00
Business Type
Total Sale
Monthly Billing
R$ 450.000,00
Monthly Income
R$ 6.000,00
Reason for Sale
Motivos de Saúde/Mudança
Jul 04, 2021
Sao Paulo
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