Vendo Salão de Beleza e Estética em Ótimo Local

R$ 140.000,00
I am selling Beauty Salon in activity for over 6 years in the city center of Jaraguá do Sul, SC.

With ample facilities and furnished in a building with 3 floors, with 4 normal bathrooms and one for special use for wheelchair users.

Haircut room with 3 chairs and implements
a manicure room
2 massage and waxing rooms
1 special room for brides/hydromassage spa
1 facial aesthetics room
1 makeup room
Outbuildings with 4 additional bedrooms.

Monitoring by cameras and security and alarm.

Beauty salon with more than 1200 registered customers and with tradition and recognition in the service of brides, party events and graduations.

Direct rent with owner at great value for the 400 m2 of facilities area.

No debts and all licenses and fees are ok.
Employees all with an independent professional contract.
Cristian Alvarez (47) 99109-3430
Business Type
Total Sale
Monthly Billing
R$ 18.000,00
Monthly Income
R$ 5.000,00
Reason for Sale
Mudança de Cidade
Jul 04, 2021
Santa Catarina
Jaraguá do Sul
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