Vendo Ponto Montado-Ramo existente: Petiscaria

R$ 58.000,00
I sell commercial point located on Dr Penteado de Almeida street in the downtown area near the University with large parking for about 20 cars.
Petiscaria branch with 8 years of operation, night shift. It can be used as rotating or monthly parking during the day.
Items that accompany the business:
Tables with chairs (wooden games and plastic games);
2 upright freezers;
 1 large fridge for drinks;
1 fridge;
Excellent front wooden deck, glasses, cutlery, crates with containers, electric oven, microwave oven, lounge with approx. 50 m² and the deck area measures around 40 m².
Important notes:
The existing CNPJ is not part of the negotiation, as it will be transferred to another address, and the new owner will be responsible for creating or transferring its own CNPJ.
 For the business to be carried out, the current lease agreement with the real estate agency must be transferred. The current rental amount together with the timely payment charges is approx. BRL 3,000.00.
Business value: BRL 58,000.00. We study proposals for payment, part in cash and part in a paid vehicle.
Monthly Billing
R$ 10.000,00
Jun 29, 2021
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