Ótima Oportunidade de Negócio Próprio

R$ 240.000,00
If you want to have your financial freedom, a business of your own, be stable in the market and be recognized and that can offer you great profit opportunities even in times of crisis in the market, a great choice is to set up a pizzeria. Selling a product that is always sought after and well accepted in the food market, added to that a good administration and offering a quality pizza your sure success.

The food industry continues to have the market leadership in terms of revenue, and the main advantages for you to invest in a functioning business format are:
Not having to work with the assembly of the physical part, until the development of an effective mode of operation to meet the needs of its consumers, with already loyal customers, a recognized brand in the market, less risk, with its own delivery application and website, operating system complete, lean and productive operation and digital marketing on the main platforms.

Anyway, when buying a structure in operation offers less risk than starting the project from scratch, the entrepreneur will have no surprises to overcome the first phases, uncertainties, prospecting for customers and beginning their marketing work operations.
Monthly Billing
R$ 55.000,00
Monthly Income
R$ 11.000,00
Working Capital
R$ 20.000,00
Reason for Sale
Jun 29, 2021
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