Emprsa de Beneficiamento e Comércio de Cereais

R$ 53.000.000,00
I sell a cereal processing and trading company, with a market that is already consolidated in the sale of beans with its own brand, and customers in the sale of bulk beans. We are also active in the provision of grain processing services, such as popcorn, beans and pulses with a focus on export.

I sell the cnpj, the portfolio of customers and suppliers, the entire line of cereal processing, line of new machines. Rent of the property R$ 20,000.00 per month, there are 2,000 square meters of built area, a shed with a direct foot of 7.5 m and 6 m.
Monthly Billing
R$ 500.000,00
Monthly Income
R$ 35.000,00
Reason for Sale
Dissolução de Soliedade
Jun 29, 2021
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