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Starting a new business "from scratch" can be very difficult and laborious, as it entails many aspects. Choosing the commercial point, choosing suppliers, training employees, creating the brand, purchasing equipment and promoting work. One of the fastest growing options in recent times in Brazil is the purchase of active businesses. The advantages of this transaction model are, above all, the history of business benefits and their returns, the portfolio of active clients and the team of already trained workers. Thus, acquiring an active business can be monetarily more profitable and less risky than starting it "from scratch".

Here you will have the facility to search for a new business in several stages, such as:

Active Company

Company (or part of it) in full activity with an active customer base and revenue history. The transaction may include tangible assets (eg machinery and equipment, vehicles, etc.) and so-called intangible assets (eg patent and trademark, active customer portfolio, etc).

Franchise Transfer

In the same category as "Enterprise in Activity", however, these franchises are already active and in progress.

Pass the Point

The deal is operating at low capacity or closed. It involves the sale of rights to use commercial property (including the transfer of the lease agreement). Goods such as machinery, equipment, vehicles may be included or not. The price of the deal is, in general, called "gloves" corresponding to the value of the structure installed in a given location (e.g. furniture, installations, machinery and equipment and improvements) and which is ready for use by a new owner/lessee . (not including the sale of the property).


Opportunity to start a new business, franchise, invention, representation, new website or application. In general, it does not have a history of operating income that is sufficient for the business to be qualified as an active company. They can also be occasions when Startup owners are looking for new business partnerships.

Asset Sales

Active company that has assets for trading (eg machinery and equipment, utensils, furniture, etc.) that can also be moved to another location.

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